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I’m Peeby the cartoonist; Peter Betts in my two other worlds - read on. My daily web cartoon character Kicker Soccer Dude appears on Dude.

Go search him, follow him and become a fan of all things soccer.  OK Football for the purists!

Sherpa, Soccer Dude

I have also created a host of cartoon characters for comic strips, cartoons in magazines, newspapers, websites and other media plus promotions and merchandizing

My output ranges from cartoon characters, books for adults, books for children

- see the Loony Look Laugh and Learn series, Animations on the web - in fact anything cartoonish.

Past travels to Russia yielded a personal collection of rare animated acetate cels.

This type of animation is a thing of the past, old-style hand drawn animation.

Exclusive!  To purchase see Order page

Contact Peeby for cartoon commissions.

As abstract artist I have created a portfolio of ‘Map Art’ if you like, under the generic heading of Contours. For that is what they are. Abstracts based on the topology of the land - Contours. Acrylic on canvas or available as limited edition Giclée prints.

Aspen           Ref: An1        

Laguna Beach   Ref: LB1

Prior to my cartoon work and after running an Advertising/promotion company: TECHnique in the UK,  I enjoyed some ten years as a movie extra. Despite the early hours and the waiting around - it was fun. There was a great sense of camaraderie even as we were competing for the same roles. I progressed from ‘plain’ extra to ‘big close up’ to ‘stand in’ (see below) before immigrating to America with my American wife.

 Read my blog to get some 'inside stuff' about the movies I was on and the stars I appeared with. Comment on it by all means. I'd appreciate the input.

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